Skin is our body's largest organ.  It is made of a complex system of cell layers, nerves and glands that function together to protect us from outside harm.  It guards against infection and helps in the manufacture of vitamin D.  Having healthy skin means you are one step closer to whole body health.

     Holistic skincare involves balancing the health of our bodies internally and externally to achieve optimum skin health.  Imbalances inside our bodies, such as hormone imbalance, inflammation and digestive issues can create what is perceived as negtive effects on our skin such as acne, psoriasis, rosacea and hyperpigmentation.  Holistic skincare aims to create a healthy internal environment within the body to treat skin imbalances at the source while also treating the skin topically in a way that supports the skin's natural healing responses.  

     Many skin care products contain ingredients that are said to heal skin imperfections but in the long run actually do more damage by throwing the skin's innate healing mechanisms and protective layers out of balance.  Some of these ingredients include benzoyl peroxide, antibiotics and high potentcy topical acids such as glycolic.  By using gentler products with less synthetic chemicals your skin is able to do what it knows best - how to heal and protect itself.  This in turn helps to protect the whole body.

Some tips for treating your skin holistically:

            Healthy skin starts from within!

            Healthy skin starts from within!

  • Avoid harsh cleansers, benzoyl peroxide and strong chemical peels; all strip the natural protective barrier and weaken the skin
  • Don't over exfoliate; your skin needs those layers to protect your body from UV rays and bacteria and viruses
  • Use skincare products that don't contain many synthetic chemicals; some have been shown to be hormone distruptors or hormone mimicking 
  • Avoid processed foods and simple sugars in your diet
  •  Avoid or limit allergen causing foods/ingredients that may cause inflammation in the body and toxin build up
  • Eat a wholesome organic diet
  • Drink water to help flush toxins out of your body
  • Get exercise, relaxation, plenty of sleep and have some fun!  Decreasing your stress has a huge impact on your body as a whole and will allow your body to heal