FEVERFEW: Anti-inflammatory; ingredient in Osmosis Calm Serum.

FEVERFEW: Anti-inflammatory; ingredient in Osmosis Calm Serum.

   Osmosis is a physician formulated, holistically based line that offers topical and internal products to help heal skin conditions. Osmosis transforms the skin through feeding and stimulating the dermis whereas other skincare lines inflict unnecessary trauma and inflammation to obtain their results.  Unlike aggressive lines with harsh ingredients that can suppress skin’s immune function, Osmosis does not use harsh ingredients that weaken and inflame the skin.  Natural and organic ingredients from fruits, herbs and flowers are used along with advanced ingredients that work to repair and protect DNA and stimulate collagen production and the skin's immune functions.  The result is a product that blends healing elements of nature with advanced skincare technology to provide products that penetrate down to the dermis of the skin to work with skin's natural healing responses.  All facials are customized to your skin's specific needs.  Acne (teen and adult), rosacea, sensitive/reactive and aging/dry skin have all been successfully treated with Osmosis products. 

SKINCARE  CONSULTATION: Includes skin analysis, current skincare assessment, customized protocol based on desired results, hands-on application lesson and education on products and their usage.  Complimentary; 30 Min.

CALENDULA: Anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-fungal; Ingredient in Osmosis Immerse.

CALENDULA: Anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-fungal; Ingredient in Osmosis Immerse.



OSMOSIS HOLISTIC FACIAL:  A customized facial that promotes repair of skin while restoring radiance.  The end result is healthier, more lustrous skin that is free of toxin and debris buildup. Includes cleansing, gentle exfoliation, extractions if necessary, facial massage, treatment mask and serums.  Aromatherapy and upper or lower limb massage included.

$80.00; 1 hr.


OSMOSIS FACIAL INFUSION:  Osmosis has created the first non-acid “peel” in the skincare industry.  Instead of wounding the skin with acid,  Facial Infusion gently resurfaces the epidermis using retinaldehyde, a more potent but gentler form of Vitamin A, to encourage cellular renewal.  Safe for any skin condition and ethnic skin, Facial Infusion increases firmness, elasticity and collagen production, reduces overproduction of oil, restores capillary flow and nutrition to the skin and lifts hyperpigmentation.  Multiple treatments may be needed to reach desired results.  Recommended to be using Osmosis Treatment A Serum prior to this treatment. 

$70.00; 30 min. / Add on to Holistic Facial $15.00


SKIN NUTRITION BOOST:  30 minute facial that includes cleansing, gentle exfoliation, mask and treatment serums.  Perfect when you feel your skin needs a little “pick-me-up”.

$45.00; 30 min.

Your skin has the ability to heal itself. Join Ben Johnson, MD as he explains how to stop inflaming the skin and start strengthening it. Osmosis Skincare's balanced approach includes partnering with your skin to address aging at the source from inside your body as well as your skin and represents a paradigm shift in the way we approach aging and damaged skin.


Brows - $18.00   Brows and Lip - $23.00    Lip - $10.00

Lip and Chin - $18.00    Brow, Lip, Chin - $25.00    Chin - $12.00