Amanda Legsdin

Licensed Esthetician, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Bowenwork Practitioner and Associate Instructor, Certified Personal Trainer

    Amanda has been working in the alternative health field since 2000 when she graduated from North Eastern Institute of Whole Health in Manchester, New Hampshire where she obtained her massage therapy training. Soon after she also obtained her skincare license.  After working for other establishments in MA and CA, Amanda opened the studio in Dover to be able to practice the modalities she felt the most connection with and to spend the quality time with clients that wasn't allowed at larger businesses.   In 2018 the studio was moved to a professional home office in Strafford to keep prices affordable for clients and to offer treatments in a serene, natural environment surround by organic gardens and the healing energy of nature.

Amanda chooses to focus on Myofascial Release and Bowenwork therapy for chronic pain because of her own struggle with chronic migraines and  neck and shoulder pain which have responded well to these two modalities.  In Spring 2017 she obtained her personal trainer certification in order to legally prescribe therapeutic exercises and stretches to her bodywork clients, enabling enhancement and speed of client recovery from pain and postural imbalances.

    Through Amanda's own experience with acne and breakouts, she has found that a holistic approach works best in treating skin conditions.  She believes that stress reduction, a balanced, whole food diet and gentle yet effective skincare treatments work well together to produce a healthy body inside and out.  Through her many years of struggling with chronic pain and imbalanced skin, Amanda has gained valuable understanding into what treatments work well for each condition being treated along with the emotional effects these conditions may cause as well.  Treating all aspects of the body in the healing process increases whole body health and Amanda will often refer clients to other practitioners she believes may add to a client's healing journey.