Functional Strengthening and Flexibility guidance is included in any bodywork treatment scheduled here at the studio according to each client's needs. 



The strengthening and flexibility exercises recommended to you are meant to enhance and speed up the rebalancing of your body in between treatments.  They are very important in maintaining the positive benefits of the manual therapy done while in the office.  This is especially important for those with chronic conditions.  Just like you brush your teeth in between professional dental cleanings, your body will benefit in between therapeutic bodywork treatments by doing your strength and flexibility homework.


Functional Strengthening 

Functional strengthening exercises help to strengthen areas of your body that have become weak due to over use of other muscle groups, from injuries or from chronic poor posture. These exercises may include the use of therabands, light weights or body weight and will compliment the bodywork done in the office.  You will be guided in how to perform the exercises while in the office and be given handouts to take home to continue what you have learned.



 Myofascial Stretching

The stretches recommended after your treatment are meant to enhance the lengthening of your connective tissue, also known as fascia, to keep your body from sliding back to old patterns.  Myofascial stretching is a form of connective tissue "releasing" that addresses the shortening and solidification of the tissue.  It is different than traditional stretches that are held for only 10-30 seconds which only engages the elastin portion of connective tissue giving only temporary results.  Myofascial stretching addresses the whole elasto-collagenous complex of connective tissue allowing for more permanent release and rehydration of the tissue.